Friday, May 11, 2007

night time in the city under a deep blue sky with purple clouds.

Tonight I sat under a sky of dark delphinium blue pinpricked with bright glowing stars and traveling lavender clouds. These days I spend a lot of time sitting out on the front steps with the pup--both day and night. I have never spent much time there, but because little Louis came home from the shelter with a virus, we've had to keep the dogs separated--at least until he's better. And I'm learning new things under these conditions. Little things. It's much darker in the front yard and looks towards only woods--there, in the woods, where night truly comes alive: the frogs, the wind, the strange shadows. My small world turns to velvet and dew drops. An owl announces his place on a broken tree limb. Leaves rustle. The puppy sighs. To the north, a not-so-far-away siren splits the air.

And I realize now how much I have missed the night. Later, once the puppy falls asleep in the crook of the couch, I go out again--this time with my wolfie. We walk down dark streets and it is a long time before we turn back for home.


bella said...

This sounds so calming and magical. There is something about the night time that is lovely and attractive. It's really my favorite time of the day (!)

bee said...

mmm. i love the sound of puppy sighs. and 'delphinium blue'...i like that.

i'm writing you an email right now!

Gemma said...

Thank you so much for facilitating Finding Water. It has been a good experience belonging to this group...and learning from you all.

Jamie said...

So beautiful. Your writing really captures the magic of your experience. I often see this wildness in you, as you head out into the night, the woods, the future. What a powerful woman you are.

Anonymous said...

It must be so wonderful to have the woods for your "yard".
I love being outside at night this time of year too. It's a bit too chilly to be eaten by "west nile" mosquitoes, so it's perfect.
Good luck with Louis..hope all is going well and enjoy your nights!

Kristine said...

Beautiful post. You have such a great way of creating images through words!