Sunday, March 04, 2007

vexed by technology.

ok. i give up. can't comment on typepad. can't comment on blogger. images are missing from both my blogs. gah. fuck it. i'm going to go play in the snow and write poetry in a coffeeshop. i've had enough of ill-functioning technology for one weekend.



Leah said...

that's so weird! i wrote to typepad about your commenting problem and they said you should email typepad with your ip address as it may be blocked for some unknown reason and they could help fix that for you. i hope you had a lovely afternoon writing poetry and playin in the snow though!! :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

Bummer! I hope your situation resolves itself soon so you can have fun online too.

Kristine said...

I have had similar problems with typepad. It sucks!

Sophie said...

i will meet you in the coffee shop

i'm bringing my dog.

Marilyn said...

It's not just you! I'm having the same problem commenting on TypePad blogs (and I use TypePad for mine!) As Leah said, when I contacted TypePad support, they said my IP might have inadvertently been blocked...something about the security software on my PC...even though we haven't changed anything on those settings (that I'm aware of).