Wednesday, March 21, 2007

after the fugly went away...

Today I worked at the garden shop and it was peaceful. The fuglies went away after a long bout of writing, then work, then house cleaning. Actually, I think it was last night's sleep that really did the trick. The fuglies have been banished.

Vinny took this photo of me a couple weeks ago. It was my first day back at the garden shop and he stopped by after going out on a photo-shoot. I had just gotten over the flu the day before and had been shoveling all morning. I look like crap--but I kinda like this photo anyway because it captures some of the quiet and peacefulness of being surrounded by plants and garden things. When planting season comes, it won't be so quiet. But, for now, I am drinking it in.

Today I worked with the doors open. It has been strangely warm and muggy out all day. Steam rises off of the snow. How is that possible? I hauled trellises, chipped ice, watered plants. When it started to rain, I read a little bit from my book. The mist and spring smells floated through the store along with a few customers, too.

I wrote a post on the Finding Water blog and so, in answer to my own questions...

What brings me peace?
bird song, the sound of wind in pine trees, snow, the smell of my dog's fur (she smells like hay), my cats playing, candles, the sound of the creek, walking, Vinny's touch.

Where does God live for me?
in nature, in the colors of the sky, in writing. God lives in all those tiny moments that bring me peace.

What do I love?
when my husband plays the piano, the sound of Anu's wolfie voice, cat snuggles, my books, the sound of coffee brewing, a clean house, sunshine coming in through the windows, the smell of fresh laundry, blogging, afternoon naps, the night sky thick with stars.

What am I grateful for?
the forest across the street even though I live in a big city, my health, my travels, memory.

How do I escape the dull-drum fuglies?
writing, painting, cleaning, walking, good food, sleep.

What part of my life and my Self could use a little more compassion?
my thesis. my body.

Where does my "true north" point to?
teaching writing.

What about you??


Loralee Choate said...

I love that photo. I love that little shop even more!

I hope you heard my VM. No worries on returning it, I just wanted you to know you're loved and missed.


bella said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Jessie. I love that earthy smell in garden shops, the smell of fresh dirt mixed with flowers. I hope each day brings more sunshine to you.
Oh, and I loved reading your answers.

bee said...

i'm taking a break from writing my story and checked here, and it's perfect. i'm listening to tracy chapman, and got to see you looking all peaceful and knowing, and read your beautiful words.

i love you, sister. i'm glad the fuglies are over.

so much more to say....(hug)

megg said...

Oh, I loved reading this! I loved the questions and the answers! I was a little shaken by the 'true north' question... I have to go back and think about that for myself. You always give me something to think about!!!

Kristine said...

You look beautiful and very much at peace here.

Laura B. said...

I love the picture of you, Jessie. It makes me miss you more!

Your questions are great, as are the answers. I'll post my own soon!

Sending you much love - :)

The Dream said...

Jessie, my friend-
Writing Teacher ... excellent! I adore how you are able to express yourself through the written word. Your picture is fantastic - what are you even thinking? I hope you were just being sarcastic. It's nice to see you looking content (even though I love the upside-down shot!) - man, it would ROCK to have coffee with you one day! Thanks for the sweet comment about my house ... and yeah, come on ... live in the list!

Sophie said...


i just loved this post - exactly what i
yeared to read - it is sooooo soulful and
peaceful and ...beautiful!

Your photo is so lovely of you and your
elfin face - you have my fave most fave
profile pix of all as well!

i love ...rain and writing and dogs and
children and poetry and color and
tea and cake and bookshops and ...

the unexpected dips and turns of life...


Riggwelter said...

I loved reading this post, as I do all of your posts, I'm glad to hear the Fuglies (great word) have gone and have left you in peace.

Love the photo too, you look like a writing teacher!

Elizabeth said...

I love the photo of you - you look so serene.
Like the shop too, a nice atmosphere to work in. Glad you are feeling better, and that you have pinpointed the ways to do that.
Writer, teacher, painter and more..... you have so many beautiful facets to your personality.
True north? I don't know what mine is ... thank you for making me realise that fact! :-) E

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list and I adored the picture of you. You are so lovely and look so peaceful and content. I would love to work in a garden center. The flowers, the employee discount...the shoveling, not so much though.

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

i would so sign up for any writing class you taught. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me. ~ruby.

swampgrrl said...

oh i love this picture of you. very peaceful ... very calm ... i can smell the garden stuff all around you.