Thursday, March 29, 2007

living the life of a midnight artist...

...and paying the bills with chalkboard art. ha! :)

cool picture book alert (i love this one!):

The Incredible Book Eating Boy
by Oliver Jeffers
release date:
April 19, 2007


The Dream said...

paying the bills ... hey, i get it. i need to snap into action and get my work out there again - it's been a while, life being what it is. love the chalkboard art!!!

melba said...

I will have to check out that book when it comes out.

I love your chalk drawings.

Right now the kids are watching a movie and I am catchimng on my emails/blogs/ later after Ethan's school I said that I would take out the easel from the basement, bring it outside and we can paint and do chalk drawings. It (seems) really spring like outside, but it might be cold.

I like to play with chalk.


Riggwelter said...

Love the chalks Jessie!

bella said...

girl, you are way to cool! I love these chalk board drawings!! You have such a special talent.
I'm definitely gonna check out that book when it comes out. I'm in desperate need of new reading material.. as well as new music.

Sophie said...

You are such a gust of talent Jessie -
those boards are fantastic!

I collect children's book with a passion
so i am going to get this when it comes out -
i checked the link and it looks awesom"_


kj said...

this is so fun, jessie.

you are a creative soul from inside and out. i love seeing examples of that every which way.


Kristine said...

I love these! Especially the shading and use of color. I clicked on it to see a larger view. I like the boy's big mouth holding the books. These are cool and what a fun way to pay some bills!

Elizabeth said...

I like, I like!!! Cool.

Glad to hear about the new book - my son just LOVES the one he did about the Star. We even hid a starfish for him to find, from the local beach shop, in amongst the seaweed on a trip to our beach. When he found it he was thrilled to 'have a star of his very own' just like the boy in the book. Now it sits next to his pillow every night. Bless :-) e

Susannah said...

lovin' the chalk, J :-) and my sister gave me that book for my birthday and it really is good enogh to eat xo

donna said...

Aw, you can draw on my chalkboard anytime!

deirdre said...

Even your chalk drawings are gorgeous. I'm not sure if looking at the pictures of your murals did it, but last night I dreamed about dancing elephants dressed in silks. It was a good dream.

Gemma said...

Nice chalkboard art....Going to look for that book!!!Oh and your mural is the piggy!

kristen/acumamakiki said...

The chalk boards are way cool, I love chalk art. I'll have to check out that book - the title is delicious.

Jamie said...

I adore your chalkboard art! It made me smile ear to ear!