Sunday, November 21, 2004

made myself another cup of coffee...

Vinny calls it "Italy coffee"-- otherwise known as "instant coffee". I didn't know what he was talking about at first, but then I added the boiling water to those dark brown "flavor crystals", the smell rose to my nose and I was accosted by a memory of sitting in the breakfast room in a hotel in Florence. Yes folks, believe it if you will... they serve instant coffee in Italy. Strong though... to give the impression of esspresso. We drank our coffee with stale croisants, strange breakfast toast like crackers and soft cheese. Thus began our days of walking the old streets and alleyways of Italy.

Tonight however I am preparing myself to tackle the big stack of books I brought home from the library today. This, I can tell, is going to require my utmost attention and focus.

ok... but I will admit, I got 6 rhetorical theory books and 3 ART books. I feel myself venturing off into surrealism, modernism, and graffetti-ism. This is to keep my world balanced, to keep it from tilting out of order. I need this as I prepare my defence for Peter Elbow-ism and the land of alternative learning. Off I go... into the garden of notecards.

Here's to instant coffee.


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