Tuesday, November 16, 2004

birds and deer and ice and oxygen...

Outside this thick brick building I hear the sounds of a train howling its way through town. As I walked across campus the loud honking of a lone goose flew above. Sometimes I miss my days of train hopping, but unlike the goose, today I am content to just be here. Here where I have to scrape ice off my windows in the morning, where I have to slow down for deer when driving and have the option of taking alternative routes down dirt roads, where I walk along the blue blue lake under dark green pines to get to this little windowless office where I can still hear the sounds of trains and geese and sometimes even rain if I listen hard enough. And in our yearning for change, do we sometimes forget what we do have? Things like fresh air and lungs to breath it with.

In 4 minutes without oxygen you pass out... in 8 or 9 minutes, you die. Despite frustrations. We breath.

My advise: Breath deeply.

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