Monday, March 07, 2011

Self Portrait :: {3} :: self realization in two parts

Part I:
Attempting to run away from myself (my thoughts, a heavy heart, the pain that accompanies change). Escapism is a wonderful concept--in theory. I breathe deep or not at all and run towards the closest thing to nothing that I can find...

which leads to...

Part II:
The Self Return. Or rather, a return to Self. Let's face it: there is no running away. I am pulled back to myself as if by a chord on the back of an old toy and, in the process, find myself experiencing unexpected, cellular level JOY. It snuck up on me.

In the foreground, camera ticking and dogs barking. A flock of geese above. These are parts you cannot see.

This life--it is a process. Today I decided that it's OK to experience joy, especially in the tiny, unexpected moments. After all, this is what allows happiness to sneak back in.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge