Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Portrait :: {5} late night nurture huddle

nurture huddle: support of the best kind. a group of friends that i've shared a bi-weekly conference call with for the past two years. we are four, and our locations span all of north america. we're a group of creatively inspired women who wanted a safe and supportive space to help hold ourself accountable for our visions and dreams. since beginning, we've evolved into something so much more.

through good times and bad, we've been there for each other--to support, laugh, cry, whine, babble, bitch and celebrate. successes and challenges--huge and small. i made tonight's call from a grocery story parking lot.

the best thing about the nurture huddle? being able to show up as ourselves, wherever we're at--nothing more, nothing less.

365 Days of Self Portraits :: A Challenge



Bella said...

:) It makes me happy to know that you have that support.
I've been enjoying your self portraits. xo

Jessie said...

thank you, sweet bella! :)