Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm not in the mental salt flats anymore. Actually, it's a place I left quite some time ago, but I've been too busy catching up with myself and creating to write about it.

I'm enjoying this space within myself. Internal blossoming is taking place.

More words one of these days soon. And until then, you can find me happily painting in a dog-filled, sun-drenched studio.



Jane said...

Hi! I haven't been for a visit here in such a long time and I miss doing so! I really do understand the need to go inside and retreat for a while...just glad you're coming back. Happy Sunday :))

Samosas for One said...

Does that mean that we can come visit you there? :)

megg said...

More! More! Come back! I've missed you SO!

love you -


Jessie said...

lol...yes, i've been dreaming of more, more, more!!!

could writing be slowly creeping back into my life? probably a slow process...but i feel it nestling in and taking up space in my thoughts. :)

love you ladies! :)

Sharon said...

I keep checking, glad to know you are coming back. Take care.

megg said...

Jessie girl - when are you coming back?!