Friday, May 15, 2009

cheap thrills...

*Late night photo shoot with a Great Dane. Laying on the ground outside with my camera. Bad photos. Inspired to do it again.

*The soft smell of lavender incense.

*ipod playing on shuffle...India rhythms getting into my bones.

*$5 rummage sale find: a little red table that will work perfectly for my booth at upcoming art fairs.

*Open windows.

*Vacuumed floors (it's shedding season!).

*A vase filled with lilacs, sitting to the left of my computer (mmmmm....drinking in the smell) some from my yard and some from the neighbor's across the alley, resulting in a perfect combination of purple.

*Drinking coffee from a perfect handmade porcelain mug purchased on Etsy from this girl.

*Meeting with friends for lunch at an inexpensive Lebanese Restaurant where people at the tables next to you treat you like family.

*And, of course, the possibilities... those endless possibilities.

Here's to noticing the little things. ;)



Jane_hates_Dick said...

Sometimes the little things are more important than the big things. Sweet list!

Karen Smithey said...

Oh, what a wonderful list! I think I'm going to make one of my own this morning!

bella said...

These little tid-bits are wonderful. ~and p.s.~ I think I saw those photos on you business blog... not bad at all. xo

Anonymous said...

Jessie, I miss you. I'll write soon, I promise. Live is incredibly eventful, never expected, and always a surprise. I miss you. No internet at home -- will try to email from work. Be well, sister-in-spirit. Namaste!

kj said...

there's always up after down. thank god the universe works that way!

enjoy, jessie.

daisies said...

its the little moments that make up a life i think and you have some beautiful little moments which make up your oh so beautiful life, xoxox

Amber said...

They sound like rich thrills, to me, doll. ;)

megg said...

Oh do I ever feel like I need to pull focus and make a list!!!

You have inspired me greatly as usual !

P.S. we are still internet-less, and I'm sneaking a check when I am supposed to be painting a wall - naughty! LOVE YOU and will call as soon as I can, I promise!!


gkgirl said...

how i love
your list of little things...

and many of them
i could also have on mine...
shedding season at the top!!