Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Images from my week:

My Latest Obsession:
The beauty of broken down tennis balls.

My Latest Painting:
"Lola" :: 10"x20" :: Oil on Canvas

Our Middle Child:
Oh, my Louie. There has never been a more special dog.

And My Biggest Temptation to Take a Cat Nap:
Ella, the babe of our house.

Life is beautiful.
I am savoring the things that surround me.



Anonymous said...

Lolla looks like my Jasper!
So beautiful!!

kj said...

there is not a more beautiful blog in all of blogland...

CailinMarie said...

the painting is really well done. kudos. the photos of the dogs are darling and I'm off to go give mine a snuggle. I'm delighted to find you and hope the retreat goes well

daisies said...

there is something about old tennis balls that make me think of sylvia plath, silly i know ...

love these photos of your beautiful painting and your gorgeous dogs, xoxox

Annie said...

Lolla is a beauty. So are the other doggies :-). Have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see what comes out of it.

Kikipotamus said...

OH! Your Lola painting is just breathtaking. The gloss, the little paw reflections, the tail angle, the energy of it, the personality you've captured! Genius.

Mary, Olive's mommy said...

I think Lola was in obedience class with Olive last fall!