Wednesday, April 22, 2009

night time thoughts.

It's nearly 1 am and I'm working on a painting of a dachshund running with a toy shoe in its mouth. My pup is asleep, curled in an "O," snuggled deep in the sleeping bag I keep on the studio floor for late nights like this--not for me, but for the dogs. I'm never without the company of at least one.

I could work all night if it weren't for my back getting tired. Night time. I was reminded of its beauties while preparing for March's big exhibition. And earlier today I was reminded of the beauties of afternoon napping. I was weary and weepy and, after a fundraising luncheon for rescued service dogs, a bit overly emotional, too. The south sun created a warm glow in the living room, despite closed blinds. A cocoon. I laid down on one end of the couch, a dog on the other. Then the second dog jumped up and snuggled in close to the curve of my leg...which is when sleepiness took hold. The third dog was asleep in a warm puddle of sunshine at the side door. Comfort won out over the guilt of not working and, finally, I felt a necessary part of me relax.

Needing to tie up a few linguring details, I've delayed my painting retreat until Thursday--and am looking forward to it profusely. I'm happy for my decision to wait a day so that I might have a more relaxed start. If only I could bring the couch and the sun and all three dogs. But instead I will only take one dog, a lot of painting supplies, and a pile of blankets. Perhaps my journal and a book as well.

Today I dreamed that I went on a long journey... which is when I realized that I'm hungry for something...something that food does not fill...something that I will eventually find, given a bit of self-care and time.



Barbara said...

Ahh, napping ... lovely pleasure:) So glad to hear you again, and smiling at the image of the dachsund running with a toy in its mouth:)

Sharon said...

I love your posts, both the art and writing. Enjoy your retreat. It sounds fabulous to me.

Hope we get to see the dachsund and the shoe when you're done. :)

bella said...

I hope you have a fabulous retreat ~ and that it brings you a feeling of fullness. xo

Amber said...

Peace on your journey. :)


daisies said...

i just know your painting retreat is going to fill your soul with the beauty of connecting to you, to life ... enjoy, xoxo