Friday, May 23, 2008

lovin' a whole lotta NEWNESS!

I'm happy to announce that my new
Stray Dog Arts Etsy is open for business!
  • Greeting cards
  • Prints
  • Originals
  • and Gift Certificates are available!

And when you're done shopping, head down to your local bookstore for a copy of Bark magazine and check out my new ad! Ooooh! I'm nearly giddy with excitement! I love Bark. A magazine where canine, literary, and inquisitive love collide!

My next endeavor is to learn how the hell to keep tabs on myself. Anyone have suggestions for programs/books/information on record keeping, project management, and accounting? I need a system...this coming from someone who barely balances her checkbook! :)-

Welcome to my new life, in all its chaotic glory! :)
With love and big fat kisses,

Prints have been added to my old Patch of Sky Etsy as well. Another new line of prints and greeting cards will be on its way soon!



I AM said...

Yay You!!! I just placed my order. Best of luck, sweetie.

Jessie said...

hey, thanks tanaya!! :)

taradawn said...

I am SO proud of you and I love you!!! I will write to you soon, my smart, beautiful, talented, inspiring, dear, dear, dear friend:)

Sharon said...

Wow! Jessie is on her way!!!

bella said...

Cool, cool! I've been keeping up via the bloglines.. I'm so loving what I'm seeing here girly! You are doing the work you love. A fabulous dream come true. I am so darn happy for you.
ps.. next NYC trip?? Give me a ring!! You girls were 20 mins. away from my home! (I know it was a family vacation..) If you make it back, you must get in touch!! xo

Leah said...

woot! girly, you are on a roll!!

as for systems, i just picked up a book called "the boss of you" and they authors have a blog here:

one of their posts (in the last month or so?) has a link to a an example of a record keeping system.

Anonymous said...

so incredibly proud of heart is absolutely overflowing...i miss you!

Annie said...

I just have a big fat date book and put it all there, but I am sure you can find a better system.
Good luck!!!And happy sales...

Sacred Suzie said...

O-M-G! GIRL! That's fantastic, I can't believe all you've accomplished so quickly. I gotta get my butt in gear and get my business going too. Sorry, I'm terrible with numbers and stuff like that. :)

Melba said...

Way to go. You are doing are loiving your dream.
I am so proud of you!

I am not really sure the best way to stay organized but in these articles on Etsy I found some interesting suggestions~ (towards the end of each interview they ask how that seller stays organized)

Love you!

Jenn said...

Yay, Jessie! Love your store. I just bought your greeting card set and can't wait to give them to friends and clients.

To answer your question about books and stuff to help with the systems and stuff, here's a really basic accounting book: and I use Quickbooks to do my bookkeeping. It's actually not that bad (coming from another person who doesn't balance her checkbook!)

Sara Blackthorne said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOO Excited and happy for you! Wah-HOO!!!

Can you tell I'm happy?

Big hugs and huge buckets o' love!

Jessie said...

thank you, everyone, for your awesome suggestions and support!

big love to all of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but I saw on the news the other night that for around a dollar a day, you can have a personal assistant in India.

I also like QuickBooks. I once ran all the accounts receivable and accounts payable of a bookstore on that software and I didn't even have any bookkeeping education. Nor am I good with that's saying a lot for the software.

Olivia said...


How VERY exciting! You are moving at warp speed...and all is so good...I am very excited to watch you bloom.

Much love,



megg said...

hey you!!!

It's all very very very exciting! I just snuck in for a moment to say hi! HI! I'm so glad I found this full-of-beans post! YAY for JESSIE!! Missing you - will write when I am back home and out of this land of chaos!!


themad1s said...

I posted feedback on Etsy, but really wanted to mention this here too.

Jessie, not only did the cards arrive super fast, but WOW! Your artwork is gorgeous, the quotes you chose for each card is perfect and the actual cards...thick, glossy, substantial, beautiful.

This is not the work of an amateur artist. You, my dear, are a professional and truly presenting a top-notch product. I am really impressed and wish you all the luck in the world.

maddie said...

i went shopping in your etsy

*sighs with happiness*


Jessie said...

wow! thank you themad1s! that is an incredible compliment.

and thank you, maddy, for shopping! :)

thank you everyone else for your words and suggestions!