Saturday, May 03, 2008

Afterward {a recap}

Comfort food. Oh, sweet room service!
My perch, eagle's nest height.
This is where I prepared for my thesis...

Loving thoughts sent all the way from the UK.
Thank you, Meg!

I received so many wonderful comments and emails from my blogging friends. Wow--I can't even tell you how much that filled my heart! I spent a large portion of my defense talking about how blogging and this blogging community has influenced my writing. I not only thought about all of you, I talked about you! Your energy was with me, loud and clear. Oh, and I should mention that I thanked you all in the acknowledgments, too. ;)

Ready or not...
This is me about 15 minutes before leaving for the defense. I sort of felt like shitting my pants with nervousness...but then I thought: "ahh, hell, I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be!"
and guess what!

I passed! :)

This is the after-thesis-defense-photo. Dr. Nancy Michael (one of my very most favorite professors ever {far left}) walked passed the room just as we were finishing up--perfect timing! The only person this photo is missing is Dr. Mark Christiansen. But these here are the most important women in my academic life. The description I have for them: intelligent, fierce, creative, empowering, and capable of great amounts of love. I might have had a tough time in grad school, but holy kali ma, I am grateful for these powerful women in my life! I have to admit that yesterday made every struggling bit of the past 3 years totally worthwhile.

Afterwards, I drove the 4 hours home, then stayed up until midnight getting ready for today's event. 5am came too soon. After much rain and forecast of snow, I was glad to see the sun just barely peaking out on an otherwise dark horizon. By 6am there were birds chirping. Whew!!

Saturday: Walk for Animals

These girls, participating in the walk, both had little kittens tucked in their jackets. So cute! I couldn't resist taking a photo. ;)

Speaking of kittens...
This is a painting of Opal, my hair stylist's baby:

I have more photos and stories to share...but for now I mostly just wanted to say hi and thank you and to let you know that my week has been a raging success. You all have been with me in more ways than you could possibly realize. Despite the exhausted stupor I presently find myself in, I cannot even tell you how good it feels to have closed one chapter of my life and opened another--all in one fell swoop. The timing could not have been more perfect for these details to fall into place. Divine synchronization? I don't know. But one thing I DO know is that I'm going to sleep good tonight!!!



Leah said...

congratulations, darling!! you did it!! woohoo! xoxoxo

laundrygirl said...

YAY! I knew you would pass!
I am SO EXCITED for you! You have been on my mind all day!

megg said...

YAY!! You PASSED!!! Congratulations! What huge leaps you have made this weekend!! You get to wake up Monday morning at the beginning of a fresh new world - amazing!!!!! I KNEW you could DO IT!!!

(giggle - VERY colourful flowers eh! you are very welcome!!!)

Does that mean you have a Masters now??


Sharon said...

WOW!!! Congratulations! I am SO proud of you!!!!

Now sit back and relish your achievements... pat yourself on the back for a job WELL DONE!! You deserve it!

maddie said...

oh my beautiful girl
i am utterly proud and just
filled to overflowing with
JOY for you!!!!

and oh that little perch
in that pretty bed overlooking
such beauty is a perfect place to

*happy dancing around my house for you*

Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful in these photos, jessie...

so happy for you!!!!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay, yay, yay! Congratulations!

I´m sooooooo happy for you! :)

Deirdre said...

Oh, congratulations! I just knew you'd do well.

Sacred Suzie said...

FANTASTIC! You are amazing, congratulations on passing and moving in to the next and even better phase. :) I am so happy for you!

Annie said...

Congatulations!! I never had any doubts you would pass! What a lovely view of the ocean you had, a great place to relax and write.

Anonymous said...

I had no doubts about it. Congratulations!!!

And a photo of Lauren ... I'm Damn impressed!

Looking forward to that letter, glad you got mine!

Jamie said...


How exquisite. How magnificent. All those delicious adjectives you used to describe those amazing professors, look in the mirror, baby - that's you too!

And holy toledo, you look gorgeous in that picture.

Way to rock it out, Jessie.

Amber said...

Congratulations you!!! Of course you passed. And I am so happy for you, and inspired by you. Good, good, good for you!

And I love that cat painting. A lot! It is beautiful.

(ps. i was totally thinking of getting a mastiff. i know they are sweet giants. or a great dane. ;) )


Melba said...

I am so crazy proud of you and happy for you!!!
You look beautiful.
I can't wait until we can have some chat time!
Miss you!

GreenishLady said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy and proud and delighted for you that this "hurdle" is past now! You look so great in the picture.

Olivia said...

YAY Jessie! I am so happy for you. You look like you "fit" perfectly with these women.

I have to say that I LOVE your hair. The color, the cut, the style. Especially the platinum pieces. You are beautiful! And done with your degree---whooo hooo!

Another chance to move ahead and be brave,




Aspen said...

Ok Congratulations! I'm guessing I'll feel the same way you did right before I defend my paper...

Cute hair! Haven't seen you in forever!

And gorgeous flowers :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jesse!


Lavelle Jennings said...

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