Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I {Heart} NY...(ie. Inspiration City)

Hmmm....where to begin? I've just returned from a trip to New York City and I don't even know where to start! I went there on vacation with my sister, mom, and grandma--the first trip of its kind. We survived the four days together and, dare I say, we even had fun doing it! Well, actually, we had lots of fun. NYC is a walker's paradise, but even more so, it is an ARTIST'S PARADISE! I'm not sure I've ever been so inspired by a particular place. Holy wonderful! I spent the entire 4 days that we were there gathering inspirations for future projects. 3 projects, to be exact. And now my hands are just itching to get to my paint brushes!

A couple weeks ago, after an (always) incredible telephone conversation with Fiona, I decided that from now on, when presented with options, I will always choose the more adventurous route. I decided this one afternoon while standing in a coffee shop ordering iced tea. I love how our little lessons in life have the ability to make themselves known in those non-extraordinary daily moments. On that particular day I chose mango tea over Irish big deal, right? Having never tried mango tea before, I was happily surprised...and that's when it hit me. That's when I decided to always take the more adventurous option--no matter how big or small. As I drove away with my cup of iced tea in hand I felt another shift, an opening up, a sense of possibility, that singing-heart sort of feeling. And I must say that, in my book, there is no better feeling than that of singing-heart-open-to-possibility sensation! Perhaps that is what has always drawn me to adventure...but adventure has been one value that I've sorely neglected these past couple years. But you know what? It feels good to have woken up to it once again.

I carried this rekindled adventurous life philosophy all the way to New York with me and am totally fired up by it! :) You see, I carry this "little-ol'-me" view of myself. It's the "I'm-a-Nobody Syndrome." I have a feeling that all too many of us have this problem, but since it doesn't get anyone anywhere, why hold on to it?

I've been noticing something about myself. You see, I've been observing myself when in action (and non-action, as is sometimes the case) and it is so OBVIOUS that I shine more brightly when I live from my center. Actually, I've been noticing that about a lot of people. I know where my center is by the way I feel. If I get an idea and it makes me buzz with excitement, then I know I'm on to something. When I ignore those ideas, I go flat. I get tired, depressed, cranky. When I pursue inspiring thoughts, this energy has a snowball effect and I am met by positivity, inside and out. I'm talking about my experiences here, but the same thing is true for ALL of us. This amazes the hell out of me! We are ALL capable of SO MUCH! Every single one of us! And this thought inspires me beyond all get-out! I love thinking about the ways that each of us can create our own successes if we just get out of own way! :)

I spent a large portion the past four days wandering the streets and taking photos of New York's City's dogs (among other things!). I have never met such an incredibly intelligent and socialized population of canines! Needless to say, I was nervous about asking for a photo every single time. I mean, who am I? I'm just a ridiculous small-town weirdo with a camera, right? Ok...but leaving the view of myself at that would have gotten me nowhere, so I put the thought aside for a second (tip: a second is usually all it takes to dive past any fear), told the person about my project, and asked if I could take a photo of their dog. Every single time I was met with such enthusiasm, respect, and gratitude!!! It was down-right weird! :) Why would anyone care about me or what I'm doing in such a big city?? At least that's the conception I was carrying around about myself. I'm glad I decided to set those thoughts aside long enough to be happily surprised.

Now that I'm home I look forward to turning some of these ideas into tangible form. I spent part of the morning searching Craigslist for an affordable studio apartment in Greenwich Village. I can't afford it yet--but "yet" is the operative word here. I'm on a mission to get back to New York so that I can finish what I've started. I don't doubt that it may take some time, but I'll keep you posted on my results. Miracles happen. ;)

In the meantime, I'm off to my back yard "studio" with paint brushes, paper, and strong coffee to get started on materializing my recent inspirations.

Here's to ridiculous amounts love, happiness, and adventurous vision!! :)



rebecca said...

you will always find your center when you live in your is the place that inspires and lights up your life and you will know where that center is because it is exactly as you describe it to be....there is no missing it. i'm so happy you are doing that...good for you and continue on your life's journey in always living by your truths.

Melba said...

A wonderful post!!!

You inspire me daily (and sometimes hourly!)
I am so happy you had so much fun in NYC. I would love to meet up with you there someday. We would have the best time together!!! Actually we would have the best time together anywhere...I just know it!
Talk soon!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow! What an adventure you had, I love in particular that it got your inspired as an artist and that makes sense, there are more artists in NYC than perhaps anywhere on this continent. Living from your center is a beautiful concept and practice, I hope that by doing so you shine brightly so everyone can see how fantastic you are!

That last picture rocked in particular!

Annie said...

Jessie, you and I seem to be walking down the same roads :-). I am right there with you learning to go with my center and that has recently lead me to clay which I will begin with tomorrow :-), and New York has always had the same effect on me-exciting inspiration.

Olivia said...

How exciting, Jessie! Your post and the pictures captured the fun and joyous flavor of the visit. I am very happy for you, and cannot wait to see where this will lead...Love, O xxoo

Anu said...

Good to hear you had a wonderful trip and got to share it with the women you love! I just returned home from an appointment in the West Village this morning and I swear each time I'm down there I breathe in the beauty of New York.

maddie said...

oh such utter joy ~ and you
are NOT a nobody you are a glorious
loving heart of goldish
wondrous girl :)

and such a talented one too:)

i loved all your happy photos
and the bike was adorable:)

love ya:)

gkgirl said...

i love this idea,
to always pick the adventurous
no matter how small...

i have not been here
in far too long...
but am glad to have come along
for such a happy post!

Leah said...

oh i love you, yes i do. i look forward to visiting your in your apartment in new york. xoxox

Amber said...

man, I need to get to where you ARE. Pass that bong this way, 'cause I could really use a hit.

YOUR JOURNEY IS AMAZING ME every time I read your posts! Your attitude is a bed of flowers I want to lay down and roll around in, until it is all over my skin and in my hair.


Connie said...

I just read everyone of your posts on this page and you are an amazing woman!!! I am totally inspired! All I can say is" "You go Girl!!!!" I am definitely adding you to my list of cool blogs!!! Thanks for sharing all the ponderings of your soul. Peace & Love.

Thora said...

spot on -we have to be adventurous but tricky sometimes.

BrianC said...

Well, from the looks of your family pic, you made it to Chelsea Market! And the Miracle bar and grill is just up the street from my apt.! I'm glad you enjoyed New York City - and managed to see more than the usual tourist traps around Times Square. Some people never make it beyond the area framed by 45th and 34th Streets.

As a painter myself, I'm glad you found the city a source of inspiration. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but there's never a lack of source material. As for finding an apartment in the Village, that may prove difficult. This is now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. If you're serious about finding a place in New York, look to Brooklyn, which is much more affordable and one of the most active places for artists.

And yes, the city is full of enthusiastic dog owners. I'm always amazed at the sheer variety of breeds on daily display.

If you have questions about life in the city, feel free to ask.

Colorsonmymind said...

i read and reread that decision-that choice.

I will be walking forawrd with that in mind my love.