Saturday, December 08, 2007

the gift of nothing.

Because tomorrow is my birthday, I've decided to give myself the best gift possible: the gift of nothing (no, not the book--although it is good). That is, the gift of DO nothing. I have a full day planned of:
  • staying in my pajamas until at least noon
  • enjoying my first cup of coffee buried under a warm pile of blankets and cats and a dog
  • lighting a fire in the fire place
  • eating lots of fruit or nachos or whatever I want
  • lounging around on the couch for hours on end
  • reading books and magazines and watching really stupid tv
  • going out for either a late brunch or maybe dinner with my husband
  • spending as much time as I'd like in the aisles of a book store
  • a nice long bout of journal writing
  • and a whole lot of n o t h i n g ...oh, wondrous NOTHING!
This, I'm finding, is a very difficult thing for me to do. But in order to evade the temptation of productivity (the doom of any and all relaxation), there are rules to my do-nothing day. They are:
  • I may NOT feel guilty about doing nothing
  • I may NOT feel like I should do something because it needs to get done
  • I may NOT cook, clean, or run errands
  • I may NOT use my time wisely in any way
  • I may NOT do anything work, thesis, work, or other work related
  • I may NOT worry about what time it is
  • And, once again (because I'm a slow learner), I may NOT feel guilty about doing nothing.
...but I suppose that I should clarify that by "nothing," what I really mean is ANYTHING! Tomorrow I get to do anything I want, but the thing I really want to do the most is enjoy a nice sized dose of nothin' at all.

Want to join me? I cordially invite you to lavish yourself with complete laziness and absolute comfort. Oh, sweet Sunday birthdays! Lazy, lazy, wonderful Sunday.... ;)


laundrygirl said...

I am thinking of you and wishing you a splendid day!

Kriebels & Krabbels said...

Happy Birthday from the Netherlands!

bluetreegoogle said...

happy birthday darling girl! today is my dad's birthday too, so i'll be spending time with him. i hope your day of nothing is everything you want and more. xoxo

leah said...

ha! i was signed into a different account, the bluetreegoogle is me! :-)
-leah (

Jena Strong said...

I came here via Bohemian Mom via Reconstruct This.. playing connect the dots with blogging these days. Anyway, I thought I'd wish you a beautiful birthday. I love your lists!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, jessie!!! i hope your day is full of absolute bliss!!!

Loralee Choate said...


I wish I had more guilt over my staggering ability to do nothing.

I have a fierce streak of lazy in me.


kj said...

jessie, happy birthday. let it be quite a wonderful year...

jb and i are hobbling pre and post knee surgery. my mom is here with a walker. so yesterday a half dozen of our friends arrived with a full course pot-luck, put up and decorated our tree, made wreaths, and decorated our house for christmas.

jb and i mostly sat in wonder and gratitude. that is one of the best nothings i've had in a long time.


swampgirl said...

what a juicy list. i'm going to celebrate your birthday by doing the first 4 items.

here's to you, girl!!

Sarah (Bodhi Girl) said...

Happy Birthday!

A day of doing nothing or anything sounds like a perfect birthday gift!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday! Excellent idea - you go girl! It's not easy to do nothing, I'm with you there. Enjoy it, you deserve it completely! :) Wishing you joy and small delights for your day

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

Enjoy the nothing....

Tori said...

I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday. This to me is the PERFECT gift to give yourself. I hope that you are guilt free and allow yourself one of these days soon again!

Endment said...

May your day be filled with joy and satisfaction
Happy Happy Birthday

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy birthday! :)

gkgirl said...

happy birthday
and wishing you the best
of relaxation and taking it easy!

Anonymous said...


I love you so much, and I'm so grateful for your birth! Hooray!

Sending a letter with my new address and phone soon!

Olivia said...

Dear Jessie,

That sounds like the bestest birthday gift of all...I hope that you had a FANTASTIC day today doing nothing...

Happy Birthday, and Wishes for a Wonderful Year,

Much Love,


bee said...

happy birthday, my lovely girl.

i hope you had a fabulous day. i love you!

Laura B. said...

Happy birthday, Jessie! I hope you had a beautiful day.