Saturday, June 30, 2007

thank god for vacations.

I woke up this morning blogging in my head. I dreamt I had 4 dogs, one of which was a St. Bernard and we were trying our best to be evasive of our landlords. So, when little Louie jumped up in bed in the wee hours of dawn and started licking our faces goodmorning, I was trying to remember what kind of dog the 4th one was while, at the same time, blogging a post about how thankful I am that, beginning at 6pm this evening, I will be on vacation. In my mind I kept repeating over and over: thank god!!

And, yes, I am thankful. I haven't left town since Christmas and, even then, it was only for a few days. Now that I'm actually awake, the words are not flowing so smoothly. My back is out--in a serious way--and I think it is hampering an even flow of thoughts through my brain. I tweaked something trying to take the back seats out of the car. Great. By the time I was done with work yesterday, I could no longer bend at the waist. Today it is no better, only more stiff. I'm hoping that floating in northern Minnesota lakes and rivers takes care of it. Right now, that seems like the perfect medicine for everything.

We're going home for vacation, but we'll be hiding out. I love hiding out. The only visitors we'll have will be my mom and maybe my long lost cousin who will also be in town. I'm not going to step foot in public because, I know if I do, I will have a list of social engagements a mile long. Not that it's a bad thing to see all the people I know from the town I grew up in...but I'd rather spend my time at the lake either laying on the dock or in a hammock reading books. Quiet. Sweet, blissful quiet. What will it be like without the constant hum of traffic and airplanes and sirens? I'm afraid I might never want to come back. And stars? Oh, I remember them. I look forward to seeing the few that will be sharing the sky with the full moon. Maybe I'll paddle the canoe out into the middle of the lake for a nice long moon bath. Maybe I'll never be seen again.

I don't know if it's the pain in my back or the stress from the week, but I am feeling rather emotional about going back home. It has been nearly a year since we moved away and if I were to describe to you where I am going I would probably end up in tears. It's strange because, in many ways, I don't miss it there at all. Still, it is the place that holds my heart. It will always be that way. Don't get me wrong...I love the city too and I am glad that I live here. I feel like I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. But, man, there are things about Northern Minnesota that I truly love and look forward to going back to for the next 5 days. India taught me about this love. Funny how one love informs the other.

Anyway...this is just a bunch of gibberish. Never mind that I'm writing just to write. Mostly, I came here to say hello and to let you know that I'll be away from for the next 5 GLORIOUS days. No work. No computer. No phone. No house hunting. No noise. No nothing except sweet relaxing.

Later alligators!!



Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time, jessie. i hope you come back refreshed and rejuvenated!!! your words will be missed, but i look forward to the stories when you get back! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

oops. that was me again.

laundrygirl said...

Have a great time! I hope you back feels better...
You'll be missed!

Leah said...

have a wonderful time tucked away in hiding! that sounds like a perfect vacation!

i feel similarly about home, my heart is there even if i don't want to go back. xoxoxo

Marie said...

Have a glorious time in those glorious days...I can't think of a more relaxing thing than to be hiding away...we love our connections with computers and phones, but sometimes we just deserve a break from them. Have FUN!

Tammy said...

Repeat three times and click those heels...there's no place like home! LOL


Amber said...

Trying to hide a Saint Bernard?! LOL! Well, one wonders what you are trying to "hide", huh? That is a funny one.

Have fun.


kj said...

tammy's advice is the best.


Laura B. said...

I hope you're enjoying your vacation, Jessie!

Madelyn said...

have a blissful time Jessie sweetie -
can't wait to see a photo or two when you
come back...