Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still here!

Well, that was kinda fun dropping off of the face of the blogosphere for a day. When I woke up this morning my blog had turned into a bunch of gibberish and I thought: "Oh s#&t!"...but it turns out that it was my husband's doing. He was backing up my blog by transferring files last night (like he said he would) and, in the process, something went a little haywire with my template. So, until he gets around to fixing it, I get to enjoy a change of color with this generic template. anyway, I'm still here.

A few poems and ALL my paragraphs got condensed and it's possible that I've lost my links...but right now I'm just glad that I didn't lose any of my content to Blogger's bitchiness.

I just got home from work, took Anu for a walk, and filled a nice thick mug with some yerba mate. I'll be back again later...once the tea's effects actually kick in. :)-


Loralee Choate said...

Whew! I thought your blog had been kidnapped by aliens!
I'm really glad that you're back.

deirdre said...

Oh, noooo! I lost all my links one time too - there was great swearing and gnashing of teeth going on in this little office at the top of the stairs. Deep breath...

Anonymous said...

I drink Guayaki yerba mate
- the greener green organic
tea - and i love it!

i panicked today when you
disappeared -
i thought -
but you are back!!

You are back BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

bella said...

Yummeee Yerba Mate. Nothing kicks you in the butt faster than a mug of that magic stuff.