Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Writing Fuel: a recipe


  • cinnamon
  • peppercorns
  • cardamom
  • cloves
  • ginger
  • milk or cream
  • sugar
  • black loose tea
Boil it all up and wallah!

mmmm...chai writing power!!!

*last image borrowed from here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie, I know I'm running behind but that was an awesome post on Horse Beauty. You have a way with words...each and everytime you use a word...they seem like perennials, bursting in colorful pictures of thought.

I'm a coffee drinker, but on occasion tea and biscuits is a delightful change. Thanks for the Chai tea recipe and I bet the house will have a wonderful aroma as well. Later

Anonymous said...

oh, my dear...I LOVE making Chai! TEG and I have it every day.

I so owe you a phone call. :)

Anonymous said...

i make homemade chai too!

and it makes the whole house
smell gorgeous!

i really love that picture with
the little boy:)

deirdre said...

Oh, yum. I hate to admit that I've only had pre-made chai, and while I love it, I'm sure it's better made fresh. And real.

suzie q said...

OK, so am I the only one in the world that has never tasted chai? *blushing* I will now, that recipe is wonderful, I can smell it from here! :D
Just popped by to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, Jessie, and for your very kind comment. From a wordsmith like you, a high compliment indeed and I am very grateful :)
Your post about the horses is wonderful, makes me want to get back to riding again and it's been a looooong time! ;)
Thanks, too, for organizing the Mug Swap, Jessie. Great connections have come from it and I can't wait for the next one! You did a great job, thank you! :)

bella said...

Love me some chai. That's actually how you say 'tea' in Serbian.

likearadio said...

hey, sweetheart. i've finally resurfaced, and have been catching up on your blog. i love it, and i missed being here. your post about caring for the horses was exhilarating! i would have been terrified, too, but it sounded so lovely at the same time. experiences like those are the ones that make you feel alive. you'll remember it when you're 92 someday, and you'll be so glad.

happy chai-ing!

swampgrrl said...

i heart chai!
with edensoy vanilla soymilk and a dab of local honey.
it'll cure what ails ya.

Anonymous said...

Oh I looooove chai.

Hugs special girl!

Loralee Choate said...

I love chai. I also chuckeled when I found out that my VERY Mormon sister (Tea is a no-no)thought it was "Herbal Tea" and had been downing gallons of it for a year.


Ces said...

Oh Jessie, your blog comment sentry does not like me. I have left comments several times in the past, I see them posted and then they are gone. Recently, I commented on your post about horses then could not find it. I am not sure if I tried again.

Anyway when we were children, we boiled our own tea that we planted. It was black tea and we called it cha'

My mother gave us homemade cha as a form of herbal medicine for some stomach ailments, it was her own version of the medical BRAT diet for gastrointestinal problems..