Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today's poem:

Today, upon arrival at the coffee shop for a morning of writing, I opened up a book that I recently recieved from Ruby and read this:

"The Quiet Animal"

Oh quiet animal, sleeping,

What dreams lie within your cells?
What ages brought you here

Through coal and ice?

Eye twitch, lip curl--

Blood dreams again.

Blood is always dreaming.

Scheming to move us forward and take us back,

Dreaming the dark places,

Caves and the backs of stars.

Your ivory bones are the tusks of time

Who eats with all our mouths.

That crescent moon? It's just a bone

Thrown beyond our reach.

The stars at night were someone's baby teeth.

The blood remembers

What the mind forgets.

The soul is a quiet animal.

Given less to thought than memory,

More to dreams than plan,

The soul owes more to half-remembered God

Than waking life as man.

~by Julia Cameron from Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance.

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Anonymous said...

The last verse is especially wonderful, and true.