Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You're Invited!!!...


"Somewhere in Canada"
Oil on Canvas
60"x 48"x 2" an opening reception at the BCAC (old Carnegie Library on 5th and Bemdiji Ave.)
Friday, December 2nd 5-7pm.

Main Gallery: Vivianne Morgan, Marlon Davidson, and Terry Garret
X2: Ashleigh Buck
X3: Me!

Hope to see you!!

Artist Statement:
We are all affected by color and my recent work is an attempt to express emotional experience through color. I read somewhere, “Look for a long time at what pleases you, and for a longer time at what pains you.” In many ways this has been the hardest year of my life. Within two weeks both my best friend and my grandfather passed away. Shortly after, I put my house up for sale and moved. It became important for me to communicate the deep sense of loss I was experiencing. When I began the project I thought that, for the first time, my work might become tremendously dark. But darkness, each time, was interrupted by light—and, as often, the feeling of loss was replaced by hope.

Working intuitively, I allowed my subconscious to be the primary motivation for artistic vision and I found myself returning to the open spaces of land and skyscapes for healing and inspiration. My paintings are meditations on thoughts and memories that have been transformed into associations and articulated through color. For me, painting is a form of writing when words are not enough. In using color as a narrative tool, it is my hope that the personal experiences of viewers will merge with my own, thereby creating a dialogue, a shared moment—one that goes beyond words—and is felt deeply.


Natasjia said...

Jessie -- you inspire me. I can't wait for the show.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I can't WAIT!

I'm so there. Like Teflon.

Aspen said...

I'm gone all weekend on a retreat for work...
Gorgeous painting. I'll definitely stop by next week!
Exciting stuff!