Monday, November 28, 2005


This morning I did not "walk" Anu, I "skated" her. Glare ice. The best part was when she saw a squirrel. I held on to the leash, knees bent, and got pulled till we hit an incline. Good sled dog. (I wonder if the people in my neighborhood think I'm wierd???)

Today's a good day to stay home and eat leftover mushroom rissotto (my new favorite comfort food). I think I might even get back into my pajamas--cuz I'm not going anywhere.


Natasjia said...


I slid my way across the parking lot to class this morning. I think today would be the day for Jonathan and I to try out our Anu idea: we're going to get on a sled, attach the sled to her, have her pull us to school, park her in the parking lot, and then have her pull us home. =)

Jessie said...

yeah, that's a good idea. can i hitch a ride? oh--except knowing security at bsu they'll ticket you anyway. however, anu can double as a seeing eye dog and accompany you to class. she could use some education anyway.