Sunday, November 20, 2005

and then on sunday...

I feel a little bit like I could sleep forever. Living in town, I've gotten in the habit of staying up all night, then sleeping late. This morning it felt good to sleep in, with sunshine spread across the bedroom. I'm still tired, or rather, exhausted. But today fits in with my definition of a good morning: sleeping in, drinking coffee, the pool of sunshine covering my desk, time to write, blue sky, a walk with not one dog but 2, a visit from my mom and brother, "brunch" with my husband and the neighbors. Yes, the definition of a good morning is when morning stretches all the way into evening.

This is the way Sundays should always be.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes. And I know shi would be honored and love for you to paint those colors. I can't wait to see them. In person and in paint. Yes, please.

Jessie said...

thank you. no promises, but i feel inspired by that photo. none of my latest paintings turn out like anything i first visualize... but they all start somewhere, then evolve. i was struck by the odd combination of color in that sunset. nature's palette surprises me on a daily basis.

it's a beautiful photo--i'm glad you shared it.