Monday, August 22, 2005

House Beautiful:

Keeping the house in pristine condition 24/7 is getting rather old. However, I am getting good at it. I mowed the whole yard including weedwacking, filling in gopher/doggie holes, and removing all doggie doodles, straightened up the pole shed, and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom in less than 2 hours. By the time the first showing of the day came (early) at 12:41 I was red-faced, but ready. I got a good feeling from this girl. She's single (as I was when I came to be here), but best of all seems aware of just how much magic this place possesses. In the end I imagine the person that buys it will appreciate it the same way I do. There's something strangely incredible about this land and I've been noticing the way it either takes people's breath away or else they seem a little bit oblivious to it (they're the one's I don't much care for either--imagine that). There doesn't seem to be much in-between. Funny thing is that I can feel it within moments-- it's in their eyes and vibrations. But then comes the money part. Yes, what I really need is someone that loves it, but also has the money. 2 more parties are coming out tonight. V., wolfie, and I will hide out down by the river or in a coffee shop while they look. It makes me nervous being here--better that I'm gone. Today might be a long day.

Oh, but cool weather. Thank god for cool weather. In the 30's last night! Fall is coming. I love it.

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