Tuesday, August 02, 2005

93 F (no wonder).

Well, that's that. We're back from a relatively miserable trip, but the show is hung, looks good, and now I can only hope that they all sell... or even a couple. Art should NEVER be about money. Still, I would not complain if it started making me some.

Two more days until I leave again. I've given up hope of getting my independent study writing done before I leave. Fine. I've decided to switch things up. What I really feel like doing is planning class. Ok-- so I'll do what I feel like doing. Yes, what a great idea-- to do something without struggle.

These days I find myself craving simple beginnings like my friend R. has found. I stopped by her new place, The Granary, on Saturday. White walls, cream carpet, wood floors, ceiling fans, more wood, windows with wonderful views. Yes, she lives in a peaceful little corner of the world and although I know her life is not perfect or even easy... there is something about all of it that I wish I could find.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and enjoy what peace I can manifest for myself. It's a hot hot sticky hot afternoon. Wolfie and I just returned from the river. What else is there to do? Drink iced tea. Plan class. A pool of sunlight across my desk... books await.


Renee said...

It's funny you should say what you did about my life because where I am now is where I've always seen you and longed to be. I'm finally where you've been all those undergrad years: on the edge; in the struggle; myself.

Jessie said...

Well friend, it's good to know we learn from one another.

Hurry up and finish that paper so we can hang out when I get back.