Friday, June 24, 2005

House For Sale:

Oh man, it gives me a stomach ache. It really does. I've spent the last two days cleaning and I realize I've only made a dent in "decluttering" this place. Yesterday and today I cleaned the basement "studio" and then moved on to the grand task of going through paper work. 6 years of paper work that has accumulated in boxes and piles in my closet. Stuff that I told myself, "Oh, I'll finish going through it later." I'm not a messy person. But, where did all this crap come from?!

I went through the house and made a checklist of what needs to be done. A lot of little things. Nothing someone with a little bit more time couldn't do, but for some reason it's giving me anxiety. The summer is flying past. School and writing is suffering already from everything that's been going on this summer. This would be a lot easier if we could just move first, then sell. It would be easier because I would rent a big dumpster and be done with it. Not to mention, it would make cleaning that much easier and it would stay clean when I'm done. But this isn't a very good sales-pitch. The truth of the matter is that I'm giving myself a week to make this place sparkle and I hope between now and then Vinny wins the powerball. Because this place is incredible. Damn.

For Sale:
Unique, newer 4 bedroom home on 40 (absolutely beautiful) acres in Becida, MN.
State forest on 2 sides.

Fireplace, vaulted ceilings finished with knotty pine, wood floors, open loft, lots and lots of windows, hand-crafted railings, log staircase, custom cherry kitchen cabinets, claw-foot tub, central air, partially finished basement. An artist's dream house! (or a hunter's, a nature lover's... a who-ever's).

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