Wednesday, June 08, 2005

3 days away from home feels like forever.

Been staying with my grandma. Helping her to adjust to life without her husband. This morning we bought flowers for her flower beds. She said today was the best day she's had since he passed away. Little sparks of life return to her eyes. After class I went back to make her and I ruebens for dinner before I finally came home. It feels good to be home.

Wolfie is dealing with her own sense of loss-- still missing Abe and then confused by my absence, she spent the first hour of my return with her furry head nuzzled against my neck. She finally ate, but only with me watching her. This taking care of others, helping them deal with death has, in its own way, helped me to deal with it too.

It feels good to be home with my husband, the dog, the cats, a decent cup of coffee, and the sounds of frogs and wind coming in through the open window.

Summer school has had an interesting beginning. Writing in the middle of the night or in stolen moments while hiding ever so briefly in coffee shops. But today I gave up for the sake of good company and an excellent lunch at Tuttos. Yum. Tasha introduced me to the most wonderful cup of Black Forest something or other that I've ever tasted. Transported.

As for writing... I'm still waiting for the flood gates to open. A small burst in the beginning. Strange daily assignments. Who knows where I'll end up.

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v said...

I missed hearing you stomp around upstairs. I had to go up there and do it myself while you were gone.

What are you doing up there anyway?