Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friendship :: {Project 44}

I sat down this morning, with a fresh cup of coffee, opened up my email and this is what I found:

One day years ago a woman found my blog and left me a comment that said something like I have a dog named Anu and I love samosas. Ever since that day those woman's words have resonated so much with me that I thought somewhere along the way we were supposed to cross paths. I miss her writing, but know that her absence in the blog world is due to all the amazing things happening in her life. I have this hope that one day we will meet and become friends. Tonight I was excited to come across her words and images again and I read them and thought about all the things in my life I'm holding back from doing because I'm afraid. And I look at her blog and think here is a living example of a woman taking the dream she had in her mind and making it appear in her daily life. I'm wondering what would happen if I did what she said and got out of my own way.
~from Anu, of Samosas For One

Friendship :: {Project 44}
Studio moment: Anu, my smiling wolfie...looking up at me as I paint.

Well, with that, here's to all the Anu's in the world. Here's to the fearless, smiling wolf in each of us. Here's to being brave on a regular basis. Here's to good friends. Here's to support and encouragement. And, of course, here's to remembering that getting out of our own way is an on-going process.

Because the thing about living our dreams is that it pushes and nudges and challenges us in ways that sometimes we can't even imagine. Growth doesn't stop with the first bloom, rather it's just the beginning! It's exhaustive, really. But once we've tasted the good life of turning dreams into a tangible substance, well...there's really no going back. And that's the real danger.

There's just no turning back.
The gifts of authenticity are irrevocable.

And so thank god for good friends along the way.

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bianca said...

And you must trust in your inner strength, because this gives you the power to go on.

Amber said...

"There's just no turning back.
The gifts of authenticity are irrevocable"

Well, wellll said.

This is why so many never choose that road. Being authentic demands something of you-- something you give back to the world.


mteacup said...

That's so cool! Remember the ripple effect we talked about recently? :-)


Sara Blackthorne said...


I so LOVE that you are my friend, and that I have the gift of reading your words, seeing your paintings, enjoying your presence.

I'm glad for friendship and authenticity as well. Thanks for being brave and making space for others to do the same.


Tanaya said...

my heart is overflowing with love and joy after reading this post.