Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feline Rhapsody :: {Project 44}

Feline Rhapsody :: {Project 44}
photo shoots with animals that I fall in love with...

...this was just one of the colorful gifts from my day.

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Sharon said...

Oh...My...Gosh!!! He looks just like our Mister!!! A very independent cat!

Nancy*McKay said...

...GREETINGS...i just discovered YOU...& couldn't help but say...your artworks is awesome!

i like the way you "see" things...

Barbara said...

Just discovered you/your blog and so happy I did. It was totally random - I was searching for 'do one thing everyday that scares you'. haha So here I am. Loving this image btw, what a cat. I have one that looks quite similar, just twice amount of hair.

Happy Sunday!

Jessie said...

Thank you! :)