Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dogs of Linden Hill's--Opening night! :: A celebration in images and song

These past many weeks have held so much more than I could ever possibly capture in words. I've just finished creating my very first imovie--a celebration in images! The opening was over a week ago and I have not yet found the space of mind to sit down and write about it. It was a journey-and-a-half, to say the least. And now...well, now it is time to just plain celebrate.

The photos in this video were taken by the incredible Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography and my husband, Vinny. There are more words and pictures still to come--but, at the moment, it is nearly 4 am and time for this lil' chica to go to bed!

Here's to what has been accomplished. Here's to all that is to come.
Cheers to you, my friends!

May all dogs be happy!



Sharon said...

Oh Jessie! Thanks so much for sharing this video! It's wonderful and so are your paintings. I fell in love with every one of the dogs, both painted and real. You are so good at capturing their personalities. Congratulations on a job well done! I look forward to seeing more when you catch your breath. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

i'm so proud of you, jessie!!! the opening looks incredible; i wish i could have been there with you!

laundrygirl said...

Talk about a fabulous well-attended reception! The artwork is incredible! I wish I could have been there and yet the video is really cool and makes me feel like I was!
I was just sitting here watching this, grooving to the music and feeling happy for you and I started thinking about something. You are bringing together communities! I wonder how many people met for the first time that night or got to know each other better because of that event?! You are doing amazing things – not only with animal rescue, but with building connections among individuals and getting people to come together. You are amazing. I am so proud to be your friend. I’m in awe.

Kate said...


This is wonderful, I love the movie, the music, the dogs and the paintings of course. It was a plus to see you in it too. You are the star after all.


Anonymous said...

This just made me gleefully happy. It is so wonderful the way you have pursued this dream, put your blood, sweat and tears into it and made it come true. YOU ROCK. And yes, may all dogs be happy.

Connie said...

Wow Jessie!! That was ALMOST as great as being there!! What an awesome turn out--and I love all the doggies that showed too!! How super cool!!! Nyla was even here rocking to it!!! All the paintings look fabulous!!!! It was neat to see the photos with people standing near them to actually get a sense of how large they are. Amazing...absolutely..and completely AMAZING!!!!!!


Peace & Love.

Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful!...the paintings, people, dogs,...what a wonderful night it must have been. The culmination of so much effort. You are truly a great artist! Congratulations!

Anetka said...

It looks really great! The music, dogs, fun, everything:))
Amazing Work:)

daisies said...

oh jessie, thank you so much for sharing this video which indeed celebrates the beautiful talented he(art) that you embody!! incredible, brought happy smile and tears to my eyes ... you make me smile!! xo

maddie said...

oh girl

i am soooooo proud and
filled to overflowing with
delight for you

can't wait to see more photo's of
your opening:)


Colorsonmymind said...

My heart explodes watching this......oh my love what an amazing show! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!

I love you and hope to connect soon.


kj said...

i made it to the party late,
but i did make it!

to my singular delight.

Melba said...

I am so glad you shared this video. it was awesome to see.
I am so proud of you!

Leah said...

I am SO proud of you, Jessie!! Seeing all the art and dogs together was such a joy. :-) You are amazing!

GreenishLady said...

What a wonderful celebration! I love it, and I absolutely adore your paintings. I feel so blessed to have one of your pieces in my home. You know I wish you success on success, and it should be yours because your work is infused with such love. Thanks for allowing us to share in the happiness of your opening.

Amber said...

I had a HUGE smile on my face watching this! Yay YOU! Yay yay yay!!