Saturday, February 07, 2009

ASPIRE--5 little letters to remind you to never give up...

This is an image that I have posted on my vision board.
I look at it every single day.
I love that little girl for the determination she possesses.

Today I took that image outside and hung it from the
big pine tree in my back yard.
It looks good there.

My word of the day is ASPIRE.

Today my head is full of ideas.
I write them into my little book.
The sky is the limit...
and I feel energized, excited.

This afternoon I have been invited to my niece's birthday party
to teach all of her 7 and 8 year old girlfriends how to paint dogs.
I feel honored.

When I turned 8 I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer
(watch this video, it will make you laugh),
a piano teacher, a veterinarian.
I climbed a lot of trees...
especially the apple trees along the garden that my mom grew.

Today's message: NEVER GIVE UP.

I believe in you.

These letters are part of an ongoing project:
"WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time."
Today's word is ASPIRE. Go ahead, climb trees. Climb mountains. Succeed.
See more letters and words at my Patch of Sky Etsy shop, here.



Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't thought of the Solid Gold Dancers in ages! I loved that show! haha!

Lance said...

ASPIRE! What a great word - I love it, and the whole message of never giving up. I think dreams and desires when I hear this, and it all fits so well to never giving up on them... Thanks for sharing this word here!

megg said...

Ok, so this is going to sound weird, but the first thought I got looking at that picture and then reading your post was that of that little girl climbing the relatively little tree (the size contained by the edges of the picture) without realizing that behind it is the MOST amazing magical and REAL tree!! Sometimes what we think is the edge is SO MUCH MORE of an amazing magical adventure!

Was that too woo woo?? :)

Have fun with those girls - what a treat! Your first workshop!! Giggle.


Connie said...

I believe in you too!! Big time!

Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Friend!

Please visit my blog for I have left a little love for you there. ☺

Rowena said...

When I was 8, my list of dreams was comic book artist, architect, ballerina, and probably vet or something with animals. Or maybe it was circus trainer. I don't remember.

I never gave up on those, but they did morph into other dreams that I am still working on.

TaraDawn said...

After far too long spent away, I have returned...I spent the morning going back and reading all of your posts for the past few months. I have missed your words, your beauty, and the inspiration you bring to me...loving the new words for new days...thanks for these lovely reminders...reminders to live life fully and with all of myself. Sending so much love to you dear friend!!