Sunday, August 03, 2008

morning reprieve.

I woke up early this morning because my pup/dog, Louie, has a case of itchies that have made it difficult for him to sleep. Poor boy. We think it is allergies, something triggered by our trip up north, but we're giving it time to see if it will work itself out since we have brought this sensitive boy to the vet more times than we can count in this first year of his life. Leave it to me to adopt the "sensitive"dog. The one that is prone to infections and is devastated when left alone, even if only for a short bouts of time.

Then again, his sensitive nature is also what I love so much about him. I have never, in my whole dog-loving life, met a dog that was so good at snuggling. At the moment, after being rubbed down with something to relieve the itch, he is back in bed with my husband, his muzzle resting gently on V.'s neck and a leg thrown over his shoulder. Truly, this is love at its finest.

Even though the sun had barely risen when I first got up, it was so beautiful that I decided not to go back to bed. Never mind that it's Sunday. I committed to my "awakeness" by brewing a pot of coffee. I love that bubbling, brewing sound when the rest of the world is still asleep. As I waited, I reminded myself to do this more often. The air is warm. There is a soft breeze ruffling the leaves of the trees. My wolfie girl, Anu, stretches, reaching for kisses. Birds chirp and holler. The cat, Viscosa, sits in the open window taking it all in as though these morning movements are the most amazing things she's ever seen. And she's right.

Today is not like any other.

Today is a good day to enjoy going out for breakfast with my husband and then to an art fair and maybe even to an outdoor market. It's a good day to dream and paint and read the most inspiring book (still just a manuscript, but destined for greatness) that I have ever read. It's a good day to think about my friends--both old and new. It's just a good day to simply live from my center--however that ends up manifesting itself.

Some days, like today, I feel like there is so much life to be lived. I got up early because I decided that I didn't want to miss any part of it. Anyway, these quiet mornings are beautiful. Even the constant hum of the freeway has gone hushed. Since first awakening, the sky has been transformed into a perfect layer of clouds--a tinge of pink and orange still filling the air, causing the grass and sidewalks to glow, ever so slightly. The cloud cover offers a perfect reprieve from the heat and hectic pace of the days leading to this one--and, for this, I am grateful.

Today I love my life. Really, truly, and completely. Sure, things could be easier...but then good might not feel this good.

love to you, dear friends.



Anonymous said...

Perfect. Enjoy your beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

this post makes me miss you so much...and louis & anu & vinny, too. have a wonderful sunday.

Samosas for One said...

This was such a great post to read. I hope your day has been filled with much color!

meghan said...

Sounds divine!!! I hope it continued to be FULL or joy and love and colour (spelled with a U - I AM Canadian!) and laughter!!

LOVE to you - your REAL letter is half done!!


P.S. That manuscript sounds great - giggle!!! (wait... I hope it's the same one I am talking about... even bigger GIGGLE!)


Olivia said...

Yes, Jessie, have a Sacred Sunday (as you indeed are!)...I'm curious about the manuscript, very curious! Love you, O

Sharon said...

Your description of your morning is priceless! So beautiful, so peaceful... enjoy!

J said...

What a glorious morning. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sending the lovely Louie some ease-vibes and you some love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Today was a good day for me to read this post.
You always have a way with words that makes me feel all is well with the world.

Anonymous said...

Sending a letter your way soon. Found a 1bdrm house I can afford, and I want to live there. Any support for this is greatly appreciated. Any word on your house/home yet?

Melanie Margaret said...

I woke up early today to have some quiet time. I really need to fit this into my practice. The peace and calm that washes over me when I am first up is priceless.

Love You!

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Having a dog is such a blessing. Nice post. Your dog portrait are wonderful, so sensitive and unique. I look forward to seeing more of your work.