Friday, August 08, 2008

The Magic Planner.

Meet my magic planner.

I've been trying to write about it for the past 4 days. It was a Be Brave purchase that I made last week in an attempt to organize my life. By golly, I think I've even figured out a system!

Unfortunately, I haven't scheduled in enough time for blogging, hence the late introduction.

Not only does it temper the chaos in my life and help me to keep track of myself and valuable information, it also has space to journal, explore values and goals, and set priorities. Ah, now that's what I was looking for!

I love my new planner. Seriously.



Samosas for One said...

I love that feeling! Kinda like when you clean the house, put new sheets on the bed and everything feels fresh and clean! And you keep getting reminded of it every time you need to look up someone's birthday or an appt. and it is easy to find! YAY!

laundrygirl said...

You crack me up!
I have talked about organization with like four people in the past two days! Something must be in the air...

Anonymous said...

aaaahhh yes, i believe that is a franklin covey planner. i have one myself.

i heart franklin covey.

email coming your way soon, dearest.

Barbara said...

Oh wow - you were writing about your magic planner on my 27th wedding anniversary! When I read the words 'magic planner' I knew you meant a planner that would magically help you get organized, but could it also be a slip that means you are planning magic?