Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wolfie Love

This is my wolfie, Anu.
She is my greatest teacher
of love and wildness.

But my wolfie, old girl, is not so wild anymore
forever full of love.



Anonymous said...

i love her. i would give her a big hug if i was there...and you, too. and louis. and maybe vinny unless that would make him uncomfortable - the weird girl from the internet that his wife brought home. :)

Jessie said...

*laughing* vinny would love a hug from you. louis will jump all over you. anu would give you sweet little kisses.

Amy said...

Jess, what a sweet and smart old lady she is, I can see it in her eyes. We have 2 dogs, Shelty is our old man, 13. He is amazing and we LOVE him so much!!!!Like Wolfie, something in those wise eyes..... They know:)

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh she is just absolutely powerful and yet gentle looking. What a precious baby.

I have been thinking of you alot-went and bought the 6 figure book last night, along with a shrink yourself thin book. Can't wait to devour them both.

I feel as though you are a life coach of mine. I love that.


Tori said...

Before Adeline there was Bo, my siberian husky. What gentle, sweet, soulful dogs.
Thanks for sharing your girl.

Amber said...

What a beautiful animal.


caroline : my pocket said...

I can tell by just seeing her photo, what a wonderful soul she must be. Teacher of love and wildness, that's what I would like in a dog friend when I have one. x