Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh my dear blog, how I've missed you!

Oh my gosh...has it seriously been this long since my last blog post?? I think I've set a new personal record. I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting--not even while on vacation! I will say, however, that I've been on anything but vacation!

And so where to begin?? Well, let's see...

Last week I found out with just two weeks to spare that one of the Twin Cities' biggest fundraising dog events of the year has exhibitor space (which, for some reason, I stupidly wasn't aware of). Of course, I immediately called the director of events and (lucky break) there were still two spots left! Several problems though:
  • I didn't have tent to exhibit in.
  • I didn't necessarily have the $ to invest in everything needed (space, tent, inventory).
  • I was totally unprepared and in great need of inventory!
  • The event takes place THE DAY AFTER I'm scheduled to defend my thesis.
  • Not to mention, I was still dealing with thesis details AND working AND trying to make headway on the big alphabet commission.
And so I said thank you very much, but maybe next year. I told the woman I wanted to do it, but just didn't feel like I could pull it all together in time. After I hung up the phone I felt a big, ugly bout of depression fall on my head.

Later in the day I sent Thea an email whining about how I had depleted myself to the point of tears by trying to accomplish too much in too little time (during the course of my week long "vacation"). And then I told her about how frustrated I was over my newest dilemma (not knowing about the dog event until so late in the game) and my need for balance in my life. I should mention that I don't usually email Thea, but did so because I had been feeling a strong urge to do so. Oh my holy yes! And am ever glad that I told her about all of it...because you know what she did? Well, long story made short...
(Dear Universe, thank you for blogging friends.)
...she said that she didn't mean to be a trouble maker (oh! I love trouble makers!), but she felt a surge. Then she asked the little question: "I know this sounds crazy, but what if you did sign up?" And then she shared a whole bunch of ways to look at the situation a little bit differently and well...the rest is history. She nudged me--and such a perfectly needed nudge it was!!! Because I was signed up by the next day! :) And that depression? Presto gone!

Can you guess what I've been doing since? Yep, you got it...getting ready! And in order to keep this post from snaking into oblivion...here's the highlights in a bulleted format:
  • After Thea suggested that I imagine myself writing the check for the space with a smile on my face and gratitude that the money came out of nowhere, easily...I checked my bank account and realized that there was more there than I thought! *smiling* The check was written easily and with a smile on my face. :)
  • Thea suggested that I imagine my tent dilema being solved by receiving unexpected help. Ok...this one sort of blows my mind away. I thought I was going to need my own tent and (after frantic research) found one on sale (but it was still money I don't really have). Tow hours later I found out there was a miscommunication and TENTS ARE PROVIDED!! I was able to easily cancel my tent order and proceeded to clap, dance, and smile over my good fortune some more! :)
  • There will be 8,000-9,000 animal lovers and lots of media in attendance! Um...could it get any better? That's a lot of people--the right kind of people, that is!
  • In the past week I have created a contract, updated my price list, and the best part... designed and ordered greeting cards!! :) I am really excited about the cards and will offer them for sale on my new Etsy soon! (ps. the ugly etsy banner is only temporary).
  • I ordered 2,000 more post cards and 500 business cards. Will it be enough? :)-
  • Connected with 2 metro dog culture business/event directors and hit it off fabulously with both. Dang, I love these people! Not to mention a commission for someone who is capable of promoting my work to the moon and back again! :)
  • Traveled home, met with my thesis adviser (and a couple favorite professors), accomplished necessary editing, and am ever-so near the end of it all! Oh my god...this is a major accomplishment. How many years have I been working on that thing?
  • Got rejected from one art fair, BUT found two more events that will be much better for me. I was a bit bummed and stressed out upon first receiving the rejection letter (came today)...but the more I think about it, the more I think it's going to work out for the better.
  • Went shopping and found some wonderfully inexpensive new clothes for NEW YORK! Um...did I mention that I'm going to New York in 3 weeks? I can't wait!!!! :) Oh, and you should see that freaking fabulous sunglasses I got! I've decided to dub them my "happy glasses."
  • Met a blogger/email friend for the first time and she is so INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!! :)
  • Met with our dog trainer today with Anu (I love saying that: "our dog trainer" ;)). 9 years of leash aggression has been addressed and solved! Sure, we need to continue practicing what we learned, but why didn't I do this a long time ago?? Amazing. Maureen is incredible!!!
  • Rearranged my office for a more efficient and comfortable workspace. It was getting ridiculous. Even my cats were about a thousand times more comfortable than I was.
  • Speaking of cats...today I started my first feline portrait (of my sweet baby, Viscosa).
  • Spent an afternoon hanging out with and taking photos of horses.
  • Painted half an alphabet. Found out that it doesn't need to be done as quickly as I originally planned, which opens up the time I need to finish preparing for the event which is less than two weeks away!
  • Was given a gift of a pine cone and, in the process, learned a great lesson about what is possible when you allow yourself to fully open.
  • Stayed up until nearly 2 am writing this post...but loved every second of it because I've missed it here!

Ok...I'm sure I'm leaving details out, but this is enough to catch us up to speed. Yeah? Basically, I've been running my ass off...but I don't remember the last time I felt so involved, focused, and HAPPY!! Running my ass off is nothing new to me...but being energized by it? Now THAT is something new! :)

This work, it inspires me. I am loving the business aspects of Stray Dog Arts just as much as I am the creative aspects. I told Thea that I didn't think I could do the Walk for Animals because my life felt out of balance. Turns out that signing up for all this has put my life INTO balance. Weird how that works. I felt myself turn a corner for the positive this past week. And you know what? It's all starting to fall into place more beautifully than I could have ever planned for.



Anonymous said...

Lawdy, lawdy girl!
You are rockin' on into your fears and blasting ahead. It's wonderful to see it all fall into place. Sounds like Thea lit a fire under yer ass ... woohoo ...

Go Jessie Go!!!

Jessie said...

hahaha! oh swampgirl, you make me laugh! :)

Loralee Choate said...

THAT is awesome, Jessie!

You forgot "LORALEE IS COMING TO SEE ME NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Because I am super important (Duh!)


Attaining Creativity said...

Congratulations! This is so exciting to read. And your friend Thea has a wonderful point - once you set things in action, every little obstacle falls into place and is resolved. All you can do is just accept the fact that the bends in the universe, of people connecting with you, talking with you, etc., all came together to help you solve any issues.

Great write up! The art show will be great exposure of just the right kind, to the right customers.

Deirdre said...

All sorts of wonders happen when you begin to believe and take little steps forward. Now here you are ... flying.

Thea is a generous soul. She's offered me much help too.

Leah said...

my goodness, girly! you are a goddess of inspiration and dreams come true! yay!!!

Thea Coughlin said...

*******writing after singing "your a rock star, your a rock star, go Jessie, go Jessie" with an over the head, arms flailing butt jiggling happy dance with so much gusto I now feel a bit winded******

hee hee girl you got me going too. I just absolutely cherish and love having friendships like this.

Ya freakin hoooooooo.

Loving the book - secrets of six figure women.

Sending you kisses and much much love.

You rock my world girl

caroline : my pocket said...

:D YAY!!!! That's fantastic! I'm so glad you signed up and reading about Thea's advice made me grin. You deserve every bit of it, you go girl! xoxo

GreenishLady said...

You know the feeling of Busting with Pride for someone???? I'm feeling that. You will be the hit of that Doggie show. Just be ready for the commissions to come rolling in! Look at all you've been doing! And I love that your friends come out to give you the support you need when you need it - which is just what you give out coming back to you.

Melba said...

Jessie you inspire me beyond words!

You are my shining star of law of attraction in action!
I know you will kick ass at that fair!

Love You!!!

Annie said...

I have a funny feeling you will be
giving notice at your job very soon
:-). Have great fun at the fair, I know you will!

Anonymous said...

i am speechless, j. you deserve every bit of it.

Sharon said...

I am SO glad things are working out so well for you! I felt really bad about having to cancel the portrait of Sony... now I feel better! Things are really headed in a positive direction for you. All because you were brave enough to jump off into the unknown... man how wonderful!

Amy said...

Jessie, WONDERFUL, LOVED reading ALL this!!!!:):):) amy

Amy said...

Jessie, WONDERFUL, LOVED reading ALL this!!!!:):):) amy

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh I've missed you in blogland Jessie! I am so proud of you for going for it no matter what, despite all the odds and your spirit is too. Talk about manifesting what you want! I wondered about the tent, bring your own tent? That's crazy! Aren't people who carefully nudge us in the uncomfortable but inspiring direction amazing?! Way to go you!

Sara Blackthorne said...


I'm missing you, so excited for you, hoping to hear from you (when you have a spare minute), and updating you: sblackthorne.wordpress.com is my new home (and my new name!)

Huge hugs and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for you sweets. You are a SUCCESS! how does it feel? :) Love you, M

Jamie said...

Can you hear me clapping and cheering for you from here! Amazing how the opportunity, the money, the tent and the energy arrived. You are magic, Jessie!