Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sleeping dog love medicine.

I'm happy to report that by some strange twist of luck I didn't have to be to work until noon. What did I do with all my extra time? I SLEPT. And slept. And slept. Louis, the pup, must have been tired too, because he was zonkered out next to me the whole morning (although this photo is of him zonkered out on the floor next to me right now as I type this). Louis has grown a lot these days. He's 5 months old and a solid 50-60 pounds--lanky legs and all. I swear, he grows more every day. Anyway, we've worked out a system of sleeping together that results in an interesting tangle of legs. I especially love it when his leg is thrown up into the air over mine, blissfully unaware of everything except absolute comfort. He's such a snuggler, I can't help but be completely in love with him--even if he does take up more room on the couch than me.


laundrygirl said...

How cute the way his paw is on his toy as he sleeps.

swampgrrl said...

he such a heart-breaker!

Jane said...

What a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous and peaceful dog!

tara dawn said...

Oh darlin, I know this feeling all too well. There is nothing in the world that compares to snuggling with a giant puppy who still thinks he's itty-bitty. I wake up each morning with my baby spooning b/tween me and David...aboslutely precious!
Give Louis kisses from me, and Anu too. I love you all, especially YOU!

Tammy said...

WOW! Our babies grow way too fast!


deirdre said...

What a charmer! I used to love watching my dogs sleep - life seemed so simple and complete. My favorite time with them was when I'd light a fire on a winter evening and lie on the floor with a book, head resting on one dog, feet on another. Life was good.

Melba said...

I think Maggie needs a nap. She is crying because she doesn't like the way I peeled her cheese stick. So I left the kitchen to visit you.

I would call her in here to see this cute picture, but she needs to eat her lunch.(yes maybe she is cranky because it is almost 3 and we are just getting around to lunch)

oh, I hear Ethan entertaining her. I think she stopped crying. Having a sibling is good.
Thanks for the Break!

Karen said...

Your Louis and my Dinah look like they could be brother and sister. He's beautiful!

Are you going to let us peek at what you're doing for your artwork???


Maddie said...

I think my dog has the same stuffie as yours:)

How is Anu with the little one -
ever get jealous?


cute cute cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute dog! I've yet to meet a dog that doesn't take up more room on the sofa than me, regardless of size... ;-)
Glad you got some much needed sleep. Lizzi