Monday, February 26, 2007

Things that have recently made me happy:

This is my wolfie, Anu. I love her beyond words.
Snow makes her happy, too. :)

Sitting on my cold bum in the snow, laughing and talking to Bee.
I had just been playing with Anu when the phone rang.
Dang, the best of everything!

Dogs + Snow + A very good friend = A very happy Jessie!

Since the party Up North was cancelled due to weather, we celebrated my nephew's 8th birthday with sloppy joes and salad at my sister's house. This is a photo of our "massage-train." My sister is cooking at the stove...followed by my brother, then his girlfriend, then my brother-in-law, then me, and last but not least, my goof-ball nephew (the caboose!). Vinny, unfortunately, had to give up his place in line to take the photo. :)-

Luckily, my sister, my brother, and I
all live within a few blocks of each other.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE snow?!

This is Daniel Handler, one of the resident cats at the bookstore. I took his picture this morning because he was being a lover and is just too cute. As I look at the photo right now, I feel a sense of relief because I finally got a chance to talk to the bookstore matriarch and it seems that everything is going to work out perfectly. I was nervous about telling them about my other job...but I left work today feeling sense of relief. I'm glad to say that I will be enjoying the best of both worlds.

And speaking of books...
On Saturday I received a package from Martha in the mail.
She sent me something for the book swap and I suppose it goes without saying that I love what I found inside!
In the card she wrote:
"Enclosed you will find 3 thing that I love.
Out of Africa--for you pleasure
blank watercolor moleskine--for your art
post-its--to capture those fleeting brilliant insights."
And so it shall be. :)
Tonight I'm going to spend some time in my studio playing with watercolors. I can't wait! And Out of Africa is the very next book on my list. I'm drawn to the ever-so-blank pages of this new journal and the earthy, sepia tones of Out of Africa's dust jacket. I've never read the book, but have always wanted to.
I couldn't have received a more perfect gift!


Laura said...

What a great post, Jessie. I love the pictures!
I sat on my bum in the snow today, too!! I am having a blast with this weather, and so is Monty. I took him running through the deep stuff----He is so short he was SWIMMING in it, but he kept wanting more! Thank God for dogs.

acumamakiki said...

A delicious post.

Sacred Suzie said...

What beautiful animals you have in your life! I am so envious.

Amber said...

I have always wanted to read Out Of Africa.

I like your pictures. Although it looked like you got the short end of the stick on the back rub train. LOL!

I also love teh snow. I do miss it sometimes...The quiet of it. That was magic.


bella said...

Loved this! Seeing pictures of the things you love puts a whole new picture in my mind.
I still think you are such a lucky duck to be in a city with so much snow!
Great book!

swampgrrl said...

hey grrl. this whole post made me smile. snow-nosed happy dog. bundled up laughing you. a massage train...oh yeah!

thanks for sharing of yourself.

Endment said...

Smiles, grins, chuckles and inspiration --- What a great post!

Leah said...

so sweet!!! anu has the sweetest face! i just want to smush it!

and i just love a book store with resident cats! (i think it should be a requirement. heh)

gkgirl said...

lined post its???
how cool is that!
and the book too...

love this post

Anonymous said...

I love the joy and pictures and the everything about this post. It was delicious!

And I have a present for you, too, dearie! But you have to meet me for coffee to collect it. ;)

daisies said...

beautiful laughter, gorgeous animals, wonderful books and best of both worlds : )

all warm smiley delicious things ...

its nice to meet you ~ am loving loving your yummy writing ...

tara dawn said...

Thanks for bringing a big smile to my face!!! I love the pics of you and Anu in the snow, the massage train, the book you received in the mail...sounds like a truly exquisite day:)
Sending love and hugs,

melba said...

These were the most Wonderful Photos!!! Love seeing you smiling!!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a fun group of photos. my girls used to have a dog just like that one. the mural below is very nice work!

The Dream said...

You're so cool - fun-loving snow bunny that you are! And the family rumba-line massage pic is hilarious! Beautiful snow loving canines, too! My crazed yellow lab, Sunny is out eating the final scattered patches of snow. I'm off to brush muddy horses with my friend and watch a farrier at work.

GeL(emerald eyes) said...

Hi Jessie,
Oh, lovely doggie pix! Wolfie reminds me of my husky who was so playful. Glad the bookstore arrangement is coming together.

Maggie Ann said...

Just visiting...your picture of the bookstore and that chair & kitty....well, it looks like a delightful place to work, relaxing and beautiful at the same time, without effort. Your dog is a beauty. Life is rich with plums, isn't it...=)

Tammy said...

Hey sweetness! We just got our big snow and I'm loving it too ;) Anu is such a love and makes me ache for my beloved Manny. That book is wonderful and you seem so happy.
Loves & hugs