Wednesday, February 21, 2007

artist's date numero uno.

Today I went on my first "artist's date" of the Finding Water adventure. It was spontaneous rather than planned, but after an especially efficient day of mural painting, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had transportation and a little extra time...and since I was running errands near my new very favorite South Indian restaurant, well.... Okay, it probably sounds a little uneventful for my very first date but, you see, I've been CRAVING that place ever since the first time I was there a few weeks ago (oh, and it was so gooooood!).

Since there was no parking nearby, I had to walk several blocks to get there. It is warm and sunny and I felt like I was emerging from a very cold, dark, and dusty cocoon. Aaaah! It felt good. The city has come alive in all its strange ways. This thaw is releasing new smells into the world--some good and some not-so-good. But the second I stepped out of my car, I was immediately grateful for my decision to take a few moments from my day and enjoy myself.

Afterwards, I went to an art gallery next door to the restaurant. I figured, why cut a good date short? Anyway, I've been meaning to stop in and check it out ever since I moved here six months ago. I ended up having a great conversation with the girl working there, an artist about my age who does photography and mixed media. She gave me a some contact information on inexpensive studio spaces in town and told me about some upcoming art-crawls that I should visit. After an excellent conversation, we finally got around to introducing ourselves, shook hands, and I went on my merry way with a smile on my face, thinking about how friendly Minneapolis artists are. Hell yeah! Ok...that was a good first artist's date. And I'm saving that studio space info. I can't afford it yet, but having a real studio again is definitely on my wish list!

Today left with me with a feeling of possibility...and so it feels like a good time to make my list of "coulds" (rather than "shoulds").
  1. I could try to write the entire story in the form of a poem.
  2. I could continue eating healthier.
  3. I could write letters. You know, the old fashioned kind.
  4. I could get a Bernese Mountain Dog (awwww...I want one so bad).
  5. I could finish cleaning and organizing my basement studio space.
  6. I could start doing sit-ups.
  7. I could rearrange my writing space in order to help me gain a new perspective.
  8. I could finish some of the books I've started (you should see the pile I have stacked next to my bed!).
  9. I could slow down.
  10. I could start meditating again. It's been a long time (years?).
  11. I could say thank you to each day by welcoming the sacred back into my life and taking time to breathe.
  12. I could paint a self portrait (because I've been wanting to all week).
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein


krista said...

I love that quote! I had never read it until now.

LauraHinNJ said...

I love the Einstein quote, too.

I'm inspired to write a list of coulds. Enjoyed reading yours - so many possibilities there!

How do you like dining alone? I *could* learn to like it, but it usually makes me feel self-conscious.

bee said...


my missing-you was already at high pitch and now it's in critical stage. this post just made me want to teleport to minnesota and snuggle with you right away.

i love albert einstein. he and emerson are my father figures, i swear.

i love that you went to the gallery. i love that you ate south indian food. i love that you and i share a passion for bernese mountain dogs.

k. going now. loved this whole post.

gkgirl said...

i love the idea of a
list as opposed to a "should"
good thinking!

tara dawn said...

I'm so happy to be taking this journey with you. Reading your past couple posts brings me inspiration and puts a smile on my face. You were in my dreams last night...I was in Minn. and stopped for a hug from kindred spirit on a journey somewhere...who knows where? Maybe I was searching for water...
Miss you and love ya,

deirdre said...

What a great afternoon you had yesterday. Sounds like my favorite kind of day. I also like your list, using could instead of should. It opens possibilities rather than making a to-do list.

Leah said...

oh, i just loved your last two posts. beautiful. you rock, girly.

melba said...

I have just read your last few posts and it is odd for me to hear you say you need to change because you seem so wonderful. Seriously. I am interpreting your posts to mean that you need to change stuff about your life and not necessarily you. Right?
Sometimes I really understand where someone is coming from. and I love that. and sometimes I don't. Usually I just shy away from those posts and don't comment. But you are important to me so I want to understand more...

Maybe I need to pay more attention. Sometimes I need to let the energy of someone's words penetrate me until I get it/them


Tanaya said...

thank you for sharing your could list with us. i could write one of my own....i think i will.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh, so cool Jessie. I just love those days where I can go where I am pulled to, though I blame it on my heart.
Food and art, two of my favorite things.
Hey, some of your coulds are some of my coulds....I'm on vacay in three weeks. Yippee! I'll be tackling some of my coulds then. Later babes.

acumamakiki said...

sounds like a fantastic first artist date, love the spontaneity of it. and your list of coulds......all good.

Sophie said...

I just love you so much
- i am so inspired by this
vibrant and alive post -
i love your lists -
and i think you will get that
studio - it would be outstanding
for you!!

(and you could have a little collection of coffee mugs and
chai available and cookies for
visitors like me:)

i adore the quote from Albert and
am putting it somewhere on my blog today:)


Jamie said...

What a beautiful artist's date to start you off! Fantastic. And making connections and finding possibilities - yum!

I've been reading people's "could" lists and finding them so inspiring. I love that even though I'm not participating in Finding Water, I'm still finding inspiration! Thank you!

Ces said...

Jessie your "could" list sounds good. I had a layover in Minneapolis last week. I saw a Bernese Mountain dog, of all places, in humid Texas, but it was the biggest (huge!) most gentle beautiful dog - bigger than a St.Bernard. I have been seeing unusual and rare breeds in Texas at bookstores and gun shows. Oh well. Sounds like a productive fun day you had.