Friday, April 15, 2005


Where am I? I got up at 5am and it's already 5pm and I just got home. It seems like just a little bit ago I was driving to school watching the sun rise over lakes and fields and pines (which made me think of Tasha and wish I had a camera--oh the color!), then to school for 3 hours of conferences, lunch with Vinny, the grocery store, and a treehouse visit with a friend.

A good day, but I am feeling a little strange after only 4 hours of sleep and not getting any V.W. reading done. I fear I've burned a hole through my nap taking time. Instead I feel like writing, watching movies, snacking, and planning classes for next fall, and writing some more. But I'm feeling tired and out of sorts so I pour myself another cup of coffee and stare out the window, at the computer screen, and back out the window.

Writing mind is returning, tugging at my sleeve. It wants me to ignore all other tasks... let my mind wander, to let days float by without minding the loss of time. It wants me to pay attention to sunrises and friends, and odd fragments otherwise neglected.

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