Saturday, April 02, 2005

The exchange rate:

20 schillings = 1 pound
1 guinea = 21 schillings

1 guinea in 1937 = 41 pounds in 2002

41 pounds in 2005 = $78.00 US in 2005

3 guineas = about $234.00 to you and me = the cost of all our Virginia Woolf books for 2 students. But then again, have book prices inflated? Or does it just seem like it?


Renee said...

Thank you, I was really wondering about the worth of those blasted three guineas.

Froyd said...

I think everyone still in that class(and reading that book) would be far better off getting 3 guinea...pigs.

they're adorable little things.

Jessie said...

Sean, I think I agree. I used to have one. The only expectation it had for me... was love (oh yeah-- and cleaning its cage).