Sunday, December 06, 2009

Random thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Sitting in front of my computer trying to get my wits about me, I figured I might as well write a blog post rather than starring like at idiot an my email, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Blarg. I'm shaking cobwebs out of my brain with a cup of coffee--or more--and then it's off to the dog painting factory. ha!

Ok, I'm just kidding about the factory comment, but today I will be mounting about 200 prints and painting 10 display frames. Stray Dog Arts has gone wholesale, baby! Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse. Well, it's definitely a blessing, but my lack of an assistant feels like a bit of a curse. Thought I had finally found someone one, but the timing (at least when I need it most) is off. (Dear Universe, please send me the right person).

The pond has hereby frozen over for good, complete with a dusty layer of snow. The sky is bright and blue, the air colder than ever. I've fallen in love with my new blue leg-warmers because they feel cozy and look good with my painting apron.

I'm going to be 35 in three days. I'm not sure what this means except that my metabolism will probably slow down. 33 and 34 were really special years for me. 34 threw enough monkey wrenches at me that I've decided that it will be ok if I somehow just simply enjoy and survive whatever the next year has to offer. I want my wild optimism back, but maybe it would be better for me to chill the hell out and just relish the small bits of life as they're offered to me.

To me, 35 feels like a big shipment from Dick Blick: daunting and full of possibility all at once. Did I mention that large UPS and FedX shipments are a new addition to my life? I've finally become like the girl in Cast Away (you know, the movie with Tom Hanks?). I even wrote a blog post about it here about a year ago and look how it's manifested itself! (please bear with the randomness of my brain) Like that girl, I'm the artist who lives beyond the crossroads and down a really long dirt driveway. I have an old garage/workshop rather than a barn, but the feeling is the same. Yes, I'm romanticizing my situation quite a bit, but this is a necessity in order to survive the otherwise endless pile of work sitting in front of me. Life is good and yet it doesn't feel like anything I was expecting.

Cup of coffee #2 required.

Signing off with peace and love,



Sharon said...

Take it from an OLD person... life is NEVER what you expected, or wanted, or even needed. Life happens. It's up to us to adjust to it, learn to live with it... yes, and even rejoice in the randomness of it all.

Your life seems to have so many good things, great things, wonderful things, I envy you and am also very happy for you! Your talent simply amazes me!

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin said...

This post really makes me feel at peace. I'm not sure what it is about it. Maybe it's how you seem to have accepted what life has thrown at you and decided to be happy where you are. It seems like a good place to be.

Samosas for One said...

Congratulations on going wholesale. It sounds like your business continues to grow. How exciting! Are you and Vinny making any plans to celebrate your birthday?

bella said...

Oh, Jessie. We're both 35. I keep forgetting we're only a couple of months apart in age.
~I hope that you keep on dreaming and that your cup overflows with goodness, love, success, and of course... coffee. xo

daisies said...

i am wishing with the purple hued sky that the perfect assistant finds you asap ... birthday wishes are powerful and so is 35 .. xoxo