Saturday, November 14, 2009

early morning in november.

Dear neglected Blog, I've missed you.

It's early, but not early enough. I like the dark moments before morning, the moment when the sky is still in a state of pre-dawn. However, with the light comes several notable details such as the sheep that live across the pond. Since the field next to them was cut, I notice that they stand in new configurations. The horses also have moved to another pasture, off the hill and away from the wind. I like the movements of the world surrounding our new home. If only I could slow down my own internal rhythms in the same way.

And so I take this moment to peacefully drink my coffee and do something for myself. Blogging is for me. It uses a different part of my brain. Yes, writing, I miss you. I miss you, but you are always with me. Waiting.

In the bedroom off my office I hear the deep sigh of my dog Louie as he nestles in deeper along Vinny's side. I love weekend mornings when the rest of the house sleeps in. For me, there is really no such thing as a weekend, but there are moments of peace, like this one, that I drink in deeply. I think to myself that someday I might even add some semblance of balance to my life. A life where I take weekends off, even if only occasionally. Where I have days that I wake up only to flop myself on the couch with my legs flung across cushions and a book in my hand. Maybe someday I will make that happen, but for now I catch the same sorts of enjoyments in quick doses. I stop in front of the living room window and take in the changing colors of the season. This new landscape--it is all a constant discovery. Even I am a constant discovery. Always, always learning how to live with myself a little bit better.

Early morning blessings to you, friends. Here's to another day and the endlessness of changing light.



Sharon said...

Good to read you again!

This post was so poetic!!!

bella said...

Hey there, Miss J. I am drinking up your lovely words and thoughts - and hoping that one day, your wish for weekends off becomes your reality. xo

megg said...

I wish for you a cozy morning curled up with a book - WHEN mine gets published, I ORDER you to curl up for a whole morning with it.

I miss you, my friend. I have neglected you! I'll fix that this weekend. LoVE YOU.

Cara said...

I love those early mornings too, when the world is still asleep. Reading this has made me want to take advantage of them more often.

Connie said...

Dear Author of this Neglected Blog,

I love you.

I see you. It's a weekend. You have on your painting clothes and you're working on something new, something that excites you, that calls to you from a place you never attend to during the week. You relish in this place. It is completely yours and only yours and you show it to noone. Not now, maybe never. That's the beauty of your weekend--a secret patch for you to be a new you, a different you, a one that can play freely, and return to face the week refreshed, energized, renewed.

I see it. I see you. It's right around the corner my friend. I believe it.

Lots of love.