Monday, July 30, 2007

Random 8.

I've been tagged by Mardougrrl and Megg to spill 8 random fact about myself. So, without further adieu...
  • We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
  • Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and they should read your blog.
Creating these lists about myself always makes me feel much more normal than I actually am. Or maybe I'm less random than I'd like to believe?

Last night I dreampt that I was sitting in a coffee shop where there were storyboards advertising a new movie. Reading the words, it dawned on me that the movie was about me...except that they spelled my name differently and got the facts all wrong. Rather than get upset about it, I came to the conclusion that there are many perspectives to the same story--mine being only one of them. Which left me my life really as I percieve it? Or do I have it all wrong?

I'm almost done reading Dog Years by Mark Doty and I don't remember the last time a book made me cry so hard. That book induces actual bawling. Or maybe it's just that Mark Doty speaks my language.

My favorite part of the day is in the morning when I make myself a strong (very strong) cup of coffee and sit down for 15 minutes to an hour to write, check my emails, and sometimes read a few blogs. I need to write before starting my day. It is my most important meal.

I stepped in dog poop this morning.

Sometimes love scares me. Although I am not afraid of death, I am keenly aware of love's mortality. Why is this? And when did it begin?

I work with a 19 year old art student at the garden shop. He is the most random person I know. Sometimes we laugh so hard that we cry. I like working with him because he reminds me a lot of my 19 year old self--the self that lives life with a touch of happy abandonment.

My husband and I dream of someday opening up an adoption center and sanctuary for abandoned and unwanted dogs. We would not keep them kenneled or in cages, but instead would have space for them to play and live freely as they might do if they had a real home. I am inspired by this woman and this woman and these people.

*In the spirit of randomness...8 random people, please surprise me by continuing this tag. Oh giddiness...who will it be??


Melba said...

I liked this post Jessie. I like knowing more about you.

About perception...You are not wrong. I think of perception kind of like preference...we choose to see what we want based on our life experiences. Both my husband and I think ice cream is yummy. I like maple walnut. My husband likes mint-chocolate chip. Isn't it a beautiful thing that we live in a world...a time and place where we can both have what we like! Thinking about perception this way has really changed my outlook on life. I now see how we all choose what we want and really none of it is is just perception.

Any dream you have can come true. You just have to ask and allow it!


Jessie said...

i didn't really get into any details about my dream thoughts...but i totally agree with you. and that was the best part of the dream...waking up with the realization that there is truth in EVERY perception! :)

Tammy said...

These are just some of the reasons I really like you. :)

bee said...

i would do this post, but i just did it because megg tagged me, too. i loved how you took this on - your 8 things were so much of the present, in the moment...your perspective on things is so lovely.

love ya.

Keshi said...

**Although I am not afraid of death, I am keenly aware of love's mortality feelings here.


acumamakiki said...

your random post is my favorite so far. i love how there's continuity to your revelations and insight.

paris parfait said...

More fun facts about you are always welcome! As for perception, we can't control other people's perception of us, but only we know the truth. xo

Vesper said...

i love number eight! what a great dream!

Olivia said...

Loved this post, Jessie. I finally tagged myself and posted my Random 8, too. I mean, since I was #8 to comment :)