Friday, June 25, 2004

Survived the Writer's Conference

I told myself I would write everyday. So here I am-- although this is not exactly what I meant.
It was an intense week. And as you can see by my words... draining.
Incredible though.
I only experienced two major melt downs... and several smaller ones.
But it was worth it. Who would have known?
What do I want to do now? I want to hole up in my tent, which is set up out in the woods and read and write and read and write until my hearts content. Until my heart figures out, what, exactly it wants to say. I want to listen to the breeze blowing through leaves. I want to hear my own thoughts... then I want to write it.

Leave me alone.
I love you, but leave me alone. I need solitude.

So why am I traveling all the way to the Cities tomorrow for a wedding? Then back to work. Distractions.

All I want to do is write. Fall asleep and dream. Wake up and write some more.

Thank you Judith Ortiz Cofer and Robin Hemley... for giving me back this desire.

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